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#1 -Enter the cell phone number you wish to send the text message to.

#2 -Enter Your email address. This is to avoid spam and may be show to the person you're sending to in the "from" field.

#3 -Type your subject. This is the first thing the person will see upon receiving your text. Keep it brief.

#4 -Enter Your Message. This is soo much easier than punching it in on your phone.

#5 -Enter the verification code.

#6 -Click send!


Free Text Message Sender

Mobile Number (to):

Your E-Mail Address (from):


Select Carrier:

Enter Message:

Enter Verification Code:

- Send text messages to your friends, family or co-workers in the US, Canada and the rest of the world.

- You can send as many 'Free' sms text messages as you like, faster and easier than using your wireless phone.

- Most providers allow you to receive text messages for free but charge a fee for sending them. With our service you can save money and text your friends more.
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